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Residents should usually contact Julie McNair, Clerk to the Council, in the first instance.

How to contact your Councillors

Jan Windsor-Luck - Chairman 07941145152

Sue Hacon - Vice-Chairman  07919811453

Steve Ames 01502 731759

Keith Bradley  07561266209

Yvonne Bradley  07879284973

Kevin Lee 07850555864

Pamela Oakes  07850584679

John Plaskett 07836251345 (north ward)

John Tonks  07956 873232



Borough Councillors - Bradwell South and Hopton Ward

Carl Annison 01493 656854 

Katy Stenhouse  07526317590

Antony Capewell

Paul Wells (North Hopton Ward) E-Mail: 

County Councillor

Carl Annison 01493 656854 


Your MP

Brandon Lewis  

Parish Council Committees

Planning.  The Parish Council can make comments on planning applications affecting the village. Great Yarmouth Borough Council allow the Parish Council 21 days to respond to a planning application.  All applications are considered by the Parish Council's Planning Committee, or if the application is for a new build development, or affects the whole village, the application will be heard by the full Parish Council. Members of the public are welcome to attend meetings and speak during the public forum session to give their views.  Residents can also submit their views directly to Great Yarmouth Borough Council via the planning page on their website. 

Cllrs. Sue Hacon, Pamela Oakes, John Plaskett, Jan Windsor-Luck form the Parish Council's Planning Committee. 

Policies and Finance.  The Committee report to the full Parish Council with their recommendations regarding policy changes and budgets.  They meet once or twice a year to review policies and financial matters and, along with the Responsible Finance Officer (the Clerk) set out a draft budget each year.

Cllrs.  Kevin Lee, Jan Windsor-Luck, John Tonks, John Plaskett, Yvonne Bradley form the Parish Council's Policies and Finance Committee, with the Responsible Finance Officer (Proper Officer of the Council). 

Staffing Committee. All staffing matters. Cllrs. Windsor-Luck and Hacon. 

Village Hall Management Trust - Nominated Parish Council Representatives.

Cllrs. Jan Windsor-Luck and Keith Bradley are the nominated representatives and attend the Village Hall Management Trust meetings bi-monthly and report back to the Parish Council.  The Parish Council is Custodian Trustee of the Village Hall.  The day to day running and management is carried out by the Trustees of the hall. The Village Hall Management Trust is a registered charity and the Secretary/Bookings can be contacted on 

The Role of a Councillor


They are elected to represent the interest of the local community as a whole and promote a harmonious local environment. The number of elected Councillors depends on the size of the area. In Hopton-on-Sea Parish we are able to have 11 Councillors. 10 in the South Ward and one in the North Ward.


Local Councils are the first tier of governance and are the first point of contact for anyone concerned with a community issue. They are democratically elected local authorities and exist in England, Wales and Scotland. The term 'Local Council' is synonymous with ' Parish Council, 'Town Council' and 'Community Council'.


Local Councils are made up of locally  elected Councillors. They are legally obliged to hold at least four meetings a year.  Most meet on a monthly cycle to discuss council business and hear from local residents.  District and County Councillors regularly attend parish meetings and report at the Annual Parish meeting. Councillors are expected to attend meetings on a regular basis.​

Councillors must abide by a Code of Conduct, a set of rules on how Councillors are expected to behave. They must also declare their financial interests in the parish, details of which are kept by the Borough Council.

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